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We are open for the season! 🌹Our hours are Friday-Sunday (plus long weekend Mondays) from 9-5.



  • Rose Family Farm is a local favourite for the Best Fries & Mouthwatering Poutine from our Chip Truck. *The secret is that we make the fries using potatoes we grow ourselves.



  • Families and foodies alike make regular visits to our Farm Shop for Anna’s incredible pavlovas. Featuring local fruits & exotic flavours, there is something for every taste, with new variations to try almost every week. Plus they are gluten free!
  • Fans also love her homemade fruit pies, meat pies plus local honey, preserves, freezer meats and fresh seasonal produce.
  • Every week has something new to discover!


🍓 Strawberry season will be starting soon too so please follow us on social media for farm updates.

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Your Pavlovas


Anna’s incredible & now famous pavlovas sell out every week!


Avoid being disappointed and pre-order your pavlova for pick up when we are open, either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


Currently we offer 8 flavours for pre-order. Additional options are also available to discover in the farm shop each week.

What's In Season


    Pick Your Own Strawberries - Early Summer

    🍓 Get outside and come pick-your-own fresh strawberries! 🍓


    The season typically begins late June. Picking usually lasts 3-4 weeks, depending on the weather.

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